Music to Write By

So … what music do you write to?  Read by?  Or simply enjoy?

I often wonder what other writers pen their stories to, and imagine they must have classical music on their iPods … or perhaps the soundtrack to a romantic movie humming along as background music, if not inspiration.  Those selections never quite worked for me, I’m afraid, and I’ve always needed more “high energy” tunes to drive me.  For instance, I wrote much of the last third of The Beloved One with Brit-band Oasis’ magnificent “All Around The World,”  repeating over and over on my stereo … I still ADORE that piece (and that band!) after so long, with the sweeping orchestra mated to the pulsing electric guitar and Gallagher’s Lennonesque voice … for the e-book version and its subtle revisions, it was the Bee Gees, especially “I Can’t See Nobody.”  I wrote Master Of My Dreams with the soundtrack of Granuaile — with Irishwoman Rita Connolly’s haunting voice standing in as the legendary Irish pirate queen, Grace O’ Malley — in the background, Captain Of My Heart to Amy Grant’s Baby Baby and a bunch of 18th century colonial fife and drum music, and Madonna and yes, even Britney Spears to so much else. 

How about you?  What music do you enjoy?  Write to?  Read to?



  1. Welcome to the blogosphere!

    • Thank you, Cheryl — I have no idea what I’m doing, but trying hard, just the same!

  2. Tricia Lynne

    Yes, welcome to the blogosphere, as Cheryl said…I’m still working on mine…for two years now…It will get there, someday. I wrote my first manuscript in the 90’s using old 80’s hair bands. I wrote my second Manuscript listening to Nickleback and Shinedown, over and over. My third is Clannad, Enya and Stone Sour..and Seether. Yeah, I know eclectic for a 17th century Scottish Historical…oh’s inspiring none the less. Very excited you are back.

    • Thanks, Tricia — I love the sound of your manuscript! How far is it from completion?

      As far as blogging, I’m not sure which I’m more confused by — this, or Twitter! I need to find a teenager to come give me a tutorial, LOL!

  3. Donna Kuzel

    I am trying to find the paperback for The Wayward One. The last book in the series of the deMonteforte family. I have enjoyed all the books but can’t find the last one in paperback. Any idea where I can get a copy?

    • Hi Donna, and thank you for your interest in my books! The Wayward One has not been released in paperback, but it is scheduled to be released as an audiobook later this year. If you have a sma/rtphone, you can either download the free Kindle ap or use iBooks on your iPhone to buy a copy from Amazon or iBooks (Apple) and read it on your phone or tablet … no need for a Kindle or fancy e-reader. I hope this helps!

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