Managing, Only Just!

So, when I re-launched my writing career by taking my out-of-print titles into the domain of e-books, I had no idea that I was also expected to create a Twitter account, a Facebook page, and, horror of horrors, a blog.  I had never blogged, didn’t know, really, what blogging even was, and didn’t follow anyone’s blogs.  I’d been a Facebook junkie for a while, so there was no learning curve, there … Twitter was something new, but manageable, but this blogging-thing was something that was totally alien to me… and remains so!

Right, so I understand that “gidgets” are chunks of space that you can Put Stuff In that take up residence somewhere over to the right of the screen.  But I’m having loads of trouble with these gidget-things!  And I don’t know how to follow other people’s blogs and make it so that their blogs show up in a gidget-thing.  I don’t know how to make this site all fancy, and I fear that my status as Towering Technomoron is going to triumph over my rather pathetic attempts to get this blog up and moving with a little more fluidity and style than I’ve so far been able to manage…

In any case — thank you for bearing with me!

— Danelle



  1. dani807

    Just wanted to stop by and say HI!!!

  2. You’re doing great!

  3. Andi

    I think you’ve made a good start. A blog is just a conversation with a bunch of people.

  4. Karen H in NC

    Hi Danelle,

    When I heard at Goddess Fish Promotions that you were going to have a VBT, I nearly jumped up and down. Actually, I did a happy dance. I believe I’ve read everything you’ve written and missed you so much when you decided to take a break from writing. While I understand your need to recharge your batteries, I’m extremely happy to see you back, recharged, looking good and ready to go! Can’t wait to read something new from you.

    Now, I discover your new website, Facebook and blog….don’t do twitter yet myself. Can’t quite wrap my brain around the need for twitter. Social media must stop someplace, IMHO! In any event, I’m following your blog, like you on Facebook and bookmarked your website. I’ll be checking in regularly to see what’s happening and I intend to follow your book tour.

    Welcome back Ms. Harmon….you’re looking good!

  5. Thank you, everyone! And Karen, what sweet words with which to start my morning! It is *so* good to be back – thank you for making me feel so welcomed, and, missed! Hugs!

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